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Medical sensors made from paper

ID: F1512-08

The market for in vitro diagnostics presently stands at more or less EUR 42 billion with programs ranging from personalised medication, pet screening all the means to agri-food based applications. As such, there is a big drive to reduce the expenses of these tests, whilst increasing sensitivity and time to diagnosis. Bringing together seven lovers from academia, a technical research center, an engineering little to medium-sized enterprise (SME) and three other SMEs with a strong background in diagnostics, a new generation of fibre-based diagnostic sensors has been created. The present efficacy price of human being medicines in healing areas such as asthma, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and cancer tumors ranges from 25 to 60 %. There is therefore a clear need to figure out the benefits of a medication on an individual before prescription to improve wellness care globally by tailoring therapy to an individual. A quantity of toolkits have actually been developed that combine biochemistry, microfluidics, fluid-jet publishing and a novel immune-ink technology platform. Together, they make for rapid multiplex assays on disposable paper-based analytical devices. Key biomarkers have been engineered with an emphasis on those of commercial interest. A laboratory-scale diagnostic audience interprets indicators created on a chip and associated software allows modification to new labels. Associated health expenses for therapy of food-borne diseases reach more than EUR 6 billion in europe per year alone. Prompt detection of toxins at different levels during food processing and production would help eliminate contaminated products from entering the food chain. The project conjugated anti-salmonella polyclonal antibodies to ink particles and developed a brand new immunoassay, sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, for salmonella detection. They additionally developed a new fast test preparation protocol for salmonella screening. The adaptability and expense effectiveness of the sensors start up applications in health diagnostic products, in veterinary science for testing conditions plus in the meals production chain.



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    Paper to conquer new marketshttp://www.opensource-sw.de/index.php/get-in-contact/item/1521-paper-to-conquer-new-marketshttp://www.opensource-sw.de/index.php/get-in-contact/item/1521-paper-to-conquer-new-marketsPaper to conquer new markets

    Paper to conquer new markets

    ID: F1512-07

    A new project adopted a multidisciplinary approach, bringing together 12 research and industry lovers with various backgrounds, including materials science and engineering, chemistry, physics, electronic devices, and micro- and nanotechnologies. They envisioned paper items such as labels with particular autonomous properties that interact with users and/or report modifications in their environment. Work centred on developing new types of paper, fibres and inks on a commercial scale, as well as on new printable useful elements such as sensors, displays, memory modules and batteries. It's also developing a novel manufacturing process and printing technology, eventually resulting in large-area hybrid organic/inorganic papers with improved performance and expense effectiveness. After developing security labels, the group tested three reference papers for printability in relation to useful and peripheral elements. Hybrid circuits had been created by the group, with assessment showing both publishing and electrical integration performance. Industrial printing test runs were realised at a factory to move results of the work on the demonstrators, and an aesthetic assessment system had been installed and tested at the same center. Undertaking efforts pave the way for a renewal of the paper industry's products with more additional value functional products. Outcomes open up new options for paper and publishing industries in the growing market of low-cost and large value added printed electronics. The technology also features prospective for application in sectors related to general public safety (monitoring air poisoning and pollution), packaging (food quality during storage and transport), and chemical substances production and make use of.



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